Charity Ball 2020 – ”Together for Health”
Data: 10 Mar 2020

On Saturday, March 7, 2020, took place the 11th edition of the Charity Ball organized by the Rotary Club Focșani “Varana”, one of the most important projects of the year!

“Together for Health” was the theme of this year’s charity ball, the members of the Club together with the participants at the wonderful event raised funds for an important project in the field of health, funds that will be directed towards equipping the kinetotherapy and medical recovery department of the Military Hospital from Focșani.

Along with the members of our Club were present Marian Neagoe, governor of District 2241 – Romania and Republic of Moldova 2019-2020, colleagues from Rotary clubs in Baia Mare, Bârlad and Onești, former and current Rotaract Varana and Interact Varana members.
The event was organized at David’s Events and had a special artistic program supported by the soprano from Focsani Alina Lăduncă and Trupa Atelier.

The 11th edition of the traditional Charity Ball was an occasion where the Rotary club demonstrated that the Rotarian spirit is built on real foundations, on large projects that significantly improve the life of the community in which we live.

We thank all the participants and sponsors present at this project of the Rotary Club “Varana” Focșani, with their help in obtaining the necessary funds for a new project in the field of health and, in the hope that our initiatives will have an echo in the community, please continue. with us in future Club projects.

Prin generozitatea și atenția oamenilor ca tine, putem să realizăm în continuare proiecte care schimbă în bine multe lucruri și care pot ajuta persoanele sau cauzele care chiar au nevoie de ajutor sau sprijin.
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