The 2023-2024 mandate delivery ceremony
Date: 28 Jul 2023

The Rotary year has a certain specificity, it does not start the same as the new calendar year, but always on July 1. Under the slogan “CREATE HOPE in the WORLD” the Rotary year 2023-2024 began, marked by the Rotary Club Focșani “Varana” with a beautiful festivity of handing over the mandate. Thus, a new chapter in the history of the Rotary Club of Focșani was opened, with new plans and projects, under the mandate of the 2023-2024 president Mr. Cătălin Vrabie.

With the hope that in this new Rotary year, as many projects as possible will be realized to help our community, we believe that bold goals, friendship, goodwill and teamwork will continue to be the basis of all activities to build the common purpose of Rotary.

Through the generosity and attention of people like you we continue to realize projects that change many things for the better and that could help people or causes that really need help or support.
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