The 2017-2018 mandate surrender ceremony
Date: 6 Jul 2017

The new rotary year 2017-2018 has begun, which, under the slogan “ROTARY: MAKING A DIFFERENCE”, was celebrated by the Rotary Club VARANA Focșani with a beautiful celebration, an event that also marked the surrender of the mandate of President from Carmen Ion, President 2016 -2017 to Marinela Macovei, the new President 2017-2018!

And the rotary year 2016-2017 was a year with many projects realized by the members of the Rotary Club VARANA Focșani and Past President 2016-2017, prof. Carmen Ion, projects meant to help our community, actions carried out with deep feelings of friendship, humanity and good will. .

In a brief list, the most important landmarks of the Rotary year that just ended are the following:
July 2016
– Greening action – Dumbravita, joint project Interact / Rotaract Focsani
August 2016
– Sponsorship of Focsani Blues Festival
Septum. 2016
– Walk of the hearts – 3rd edition
Oct. 2016
1. EDU-Rotary series of projects: “Hours of living history” – project realized with the Association Rediscovers History, in two stages, October 7-8, at Ballad (interactive conference) and in the Unirii Square (a machine-gun nest was installed) from World War II and some military effects were exposed). About 350 students participated in the project.
2. “A sweeter smile” – sponsorship of the Red Cross for the International Day of the Elders
3. International Bread Day: Pastry and bakery products were donated to the Marasesti Day Center.
Nov. 2016
1. EDU-Rotary series of projects: OPTIMUS scholarships – two merit scholarships for a whole year (400 lei / month) were offered to two students, following two stages of separation, namely the file and the interview.
2. EDU-Rotary series of projects: Poetry Karaoke at the Living Fire in Andreiasu – joint Interact / Rotary project
3. EDU-Rotary series of projects: Interact Awards Gala – the award of seven national Olympics, Interact project, with support of Rotary Club VARANA
Dec. 2016
1. The balloon fair took place between December 16-18, a project initiated by Rotaract and continued in collaboration with Rotary VARANA. 1000 balloons were painted, from which a heating system was purchased for a rural school.
2. Visit of the Governor – carols and sponsorship program “Danut” Day Center, Brosteni
3. Financing a needy family with 6 children from the rural area with wood for the winter and a stove.
4. We are next! – 80 packages with food, juices, fruits, sweets and other holiday-specific products went to Măicănești at the Neuropsychiatric Recovery and Rehabilitation Center, Respiro Center and the Care and Assistance Center.
January. – February 2017
Preparation of the Charity Ball, 9th edition;
1. translating and printing in Braille system of mathematics textbooks for grades II-V for non-sighted students
2. the complete endowment of the sensory room for children with autism from the School Center for Inclusive Education “Elena Doamna”
March 2017
April 2017
1. “An apple for a cigarette”, Interact project, with financial support Club Rotary VARANA
2. Participation in the pediatrics seminar, organized by the Rotary Club Piatra Neamt
3. Rotary-Head Tennis Trophy / Rotary Cup
May 2017
1. EDU-Rotary Series of Projects: County Contest of Trailers “Make your mov (s) e”, for high school students
2. EDU-Rotary series of projects: Organization and participation in the Regional Competition with national participation “Test of the four questions”, Braila
3. EDU-Rotary series of projects: support and participation “CHALLENGE # V2 – motivational and career orientation conference with non-formal speakers from different fields of activity that inspire young people to follow their passions and ideals.
Projects in progress / in progress:
1. EDU-Rotary series of projects: Sensory chamber
2. EDU-Rotary series of projects: accessibility in Braille – textbooks – mathematics, 2nd and 5th grade (ongoing project)
3. EDU-Rotary series of projects: health education and water saving – May (ongoing project)
4. EDU-Rotary series of projects: personal development course – May 27
5. Call three friends! – gifts for children June 1 in Carrefour
6. EDU-Rotary series of projects: Excursion to Bucharest with 10 children – June 1
7. EDU-Rotary project series: trailer competition June 15 – jury president – Alexandru Condurache – Rotary Copou
8. volunteering the Military Hospital – June 24th
9. EDU-Rotary series of projects: personal development camp for high school students – 5 days, between 8 and 12 August, Galaciuc.

Through the generosity and attention of people like you we continue to realize projects that change many things for the better and that could help people or causes that really need help or support.
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