Press release: Charity Ball “Pune soare în Mărțișoare!”
Date: 7 Mar 2017


The 9th edition of the Rotary Charity Ball organized by VARANA Focșani took place on Saturday evening at the Laguna Resort Focșani restaurant. This year’s edition, held under the genre “Pune soare în Mărțișoare!”, aimed to raise funds for two important projects in the field of education: translating and printing in Braille mathematics textbooks for students 0-V for students the blind and the complete endowment of the sensory room for children with autism from the School Center for Inclusive Education “Elena Doamna”.

“Everyone has in mind an image they love, whether it’s a landscape they’ve seen from the plane, or the smile of a loved one or the image of their newly opened business. And again, I am sure that each one of you keeps, at your fingertips, the memory of caressing a cat, a dog or a loved one. Well, there are people in this world who have never seen a smile. And these are the blind. And there are people who need special objects to understand how a cat’s fur should feel or how it should perceive the sound when sweet, when threatening to rain. These are people with autism. Handicap is not a cold. Handicap is not treated with aspirin. The handicap is alive! ”, Said in the opening speech of the event, Professor Carmen Ion, the current president of the Rotary Club VARANA Focșani.

His call for obtaining the necessary funds for the two projects was also supported by Cătălin Măruță, who presented the event on Saturday evening. “The money you give tonight means textbooks for blind children, from grade 0 to grade 5. Children with autism will have a sensory room also because of this charity ball. And especially thanks to you, the people who are here in the room, ”said Cătălin Măruță, who personally sold dozens of tickets for the raffle organized during the evening and which, of course, meant extra money for the humanitarian cause supported by the Rotarians from Vranceni. Andra & Band, along with Sergiu Ferat (from Voice of Romania) were the ones who animated the party.

Rotary Club VARANA thanks all those who joined this humanitarian endeavor: the participants in this ball, the sponsors, the local authority, the media partners, the Laguna Focsani Resort and all the people who, by their conviction, gave a helping hand for the purpose of the ball. be touched.

Rotary Club VARANA Focșani

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