Charity Ball “Light of hearts”
Date: 29 Nov 2014

Approximately 35 thousand euros were gathered after Charity Ball organized by the Rotary VARANA Club Focsani. The money will be used to buy three freezers for plasma and electric generator for the the Center of Blood Transfusion Vrancea.

At a press conference organized in the hall of the Popular Athenaeum, members of the Rotary VARANA Club Focsani made the summary of the Charity Ball “Light of hearts”, which took place on November 29. President Elena Stoica offered at the conference more details about the famous charity event, saying that one of the artists invited, Horia Brenciu was the first person who made a considerable donation. “We thank to all those who participated at the charity ball, because it was for community. We were overwhelmed by the great number of participants. There were over 500 people, I want to thank the sponsors, good people who helped us, but we have promises from companies, that by the end of the year, we will receive amounts which Rotary Club can manage. I am glad that in Vrancea county are people who want to help the community. We had a raffle, an auction. There are people who have been with us every year and have given objects for us to bid. We had Mihaela Glăvan, purses designer, which helped us in the last 5 years. We had a jewelry maker who gave us a complete set of semiprecious stones. Apart from the presence of sponsors, we had people who gave money, objects that we have bid. Simona Halep’s T-shirt, the T-shirt with signatures of the National football players. I had precious objects offered by Doina Levintza, Dan Coman, suppliers of the Royal House. Even the artists who were with us, were very pleased by objective. Horia Brenciu was the first who made a considerable donation, “said Elena Stoica.

A part of 35 thousand euro, will go to the Center of Blood Transfusion Vrancea and another part of them will go to the County Hospital, where it will have done a project with a Rotary club in America, which target is to modernize the department for newborns. “From the moment I drew the line, we started to do,in parallel, a campaign for what we wanted to do at the Transfusion Center. Together with our colleagues we have given a budget that we hope to fit in, but as I said, by the end of the year we have new promises of amounts. The amount that we managed to gather is around 35 thousand euros. But from this amount we will allocate money for a project for the County Hospital, in partnership with a Rotary club in the United States of America. They are ready to come up with a considerable amount, but we must to have an amount which to participate too. It will be a grand global, which we will run with them “, said Elena Stoica.

Freezers for storing the plasma and an electric generator

Present at the press conference, the doctor Mioara Hanță, director of the Center of Blood Transfusion Vrancea , thanked all those who attended the charity ball. She said the Center of Blood Transfusion urgently needs three modern freezers for storing the plasma and an electric generator. “ I want to thank Rotary club, because they are the people who helped us, especially nobody helped the Transfusion Centre. Rotary VARANA Club Focsani surprised me with the huge event that they organized it. I was very impressed that the youth were present, that being a hope for the future. As the maximum emergency, we asked some freezers to storage the plasma for 6 months. We asked three freezers, but they require an electric generator. Together with Rotary club we made calculations and I think that we fit in the allocated amount .”, said doctor Mioara Hanță. Elena Stoica, the president of Rotary Club and Rodica Dinuță, the vice- president assured doctor Hanță that the center will receive all necessary for proper functioning.

Through the generosity and attention of people like you we continue to realize projects that change many things for the better and that could help people or causes that really need help or support.
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