Save a child`s heart
Date: 23 Jun 2011

Congenital cardiac malformations represent 60-70% of all diseases in children. Every year there are up to 1500 new cases with a severe impact on the health and body of a child. This reason has encouraged Rotary organization to help children with such problems and thus started the “Save a child`s heart”, initiated by Magda Iorga by Rotary Club Iasi. With this new and ambitious project are made the necessary steps so that all costs for transport and accommodation for sick children can be supported when they will leave for Israel to be operated; the action is also supported by the “Save a child`s heart” of Israel and Rotary Club Iasi.

In the first phase of the project were selected 15 children with severe cardiac malformations from Iasi and neighboring counties, seven of which were operated in Tel Aviv, and three children were put on the emergency list.

VARANA Rotary Club Focsani get involved in this project with open heart, along with Rotary Club Iasi and “Save a child`s heart” foundation and provided financial support for two children suffering from these serious congenital heart problems. VARANA Rotary Club covered the travel and accommodation expenses of the two children and their companions, the cost provided for each child being $ 1000, and the operation were performed in the clinic in Israel.

Hoping that this support will change for the better the lives and hearts of the children, VARANA Rotary Club Focsani is supporting another Rotary action, with commitment and dedications.

Through the generosity and attention of people like you we continue to realize projects that change many things for the better and that could help people or causes that really need help or support.
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