„Forum Didactic” journal launch
Date: 13 Jan 2012

VARANA Rotary Club Focsani was with the editorial staff of the journal „Forum Didactic” which was officially launched on January, 23 of the new year. The journal came as a necessity for fans of books and literature, for teachers and students, and it is edited by the nex teachers: Lauriana Ailincutei, Carmen Ion (VARANA Rotary Club member), Adriana Calin and Ion Stanel, and offers a wealth of didactic, useful and interesting information.

The launch event took place at the Popular Athenaeum „Mr. Gh. Pastia” from Focsani within the conference „Do we still need literature?” in which took part, along with the founders of the magazine, many teachers and students. The first word of the conference belonged to the guest of honor, the famous literary critic Alex Stefanescu, member of the Romanian Writers` Union, who appreciated the content and value of the journal. Other speakers included the teachers Florinel Agafitei, which underlined the consistency of the material presented in the pages of the „Forum Didactic”. Among the guests included Maria Lupu, the general inspector deputy and Silvia Chelariu, inspector of the Romanian language within the School Inspectorate.

From VARANA Rotary Club Focsani, sponsor of the event, attended Laurentiu Bodolan, current president of the club, Rodica Dinuta, Doru Simiz and Marius Ulmeteanu, who appreciated both the effort of the involved teachers in this important initiative for our city teaching community and the performanceof speakers.

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