12.2011: Christmas gifts for disabled children
Date: 25 Dec 2011

Christmas holidays should be a joyful occasion for all children, whether older or younger. Unfortunately, not all children can enjoy the charm of this holiday, especially those with serious health problems.  For this reason, VARANA Rotary Club Focsani made a gesture of soul that brought little comfort and warmth in the hearts of youth with disabilities in the day center „Praslea si Harap-Alb” in Focsani. Thus, Tuesday on December, 20, members of Rotary Club went with Christmas gifts for young people with impaired vision and hearing in the center, giving them foods, sweets and fruits, so that they can feel that Santa Claus is with them this year. VARANA Rotary Club action has helped increase confidence in themselves, those who, although suffering from certain disabilities do not want to be forgotten and marginalized. These young people need support, care and warmth, and gifts received have made a pure joy in their hearts.

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