A student from Focsani medalist at the International Olympic in China
Date: 23 Oct 2011

Vasile Parvu, student at National College “Unirea”, Focsani in XI grade, won the bronze medal at the International Olympics in Western China, one of the biggest international competitions in the world. Component of the team that represented Romania at this important mathematical contest, Vasile Parvu managed to complete a beautiful collection af international awards obtained by  ”Unirea”`s students. In addition to special mathematical knowledge he has, Vasile is a component of the national basketball junior team, sport that he practices at LPS Focsani. VARANA Rotary Club Focsani made possible the outstanding performance and fully ensured full costs and fees for Vasile`s movement to China. The club also got involved in this project because it is one of its goals, to help talented students, to provide opportunities to test their knowledge with students from another country and show that Romanian students are among the most talented in the world. Related to this very special experience, our student was impressed by the originality and diversity of China, the warm welcome and good conditions of the contest. To thank VARANA Rotary Club, Vasile wore a shirt personalized with our club logo.

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