Modern delivery room at the County Hospital in Focsani
Date: 10 Aug 2012

VARANA Rotary Club completed the project began this spring, completely rehabilitating and fully equipped the delivery room at the County Hospital „St. Pantelimon” in Focsani with funds raised at the charity ball „Mugurii Romaniei” organized by the club in December 2011.

The delivery room was renovated, modernized and equipped with new technologies by European standards, which ensure normal and comfortable conditions for future mothers. It is one of the most important and largest section of the hospital, that is why the modernization was absolutely necessary because most of the 3399 new-born in Vrancea first saw the light of day in this hospital.

The event was attended by members of the club, the manager of the county Hospital, doctor Nicolae Moise, but also by gynecologists. The investment is worth 50.000 lei, made from charity ball in 2011, but also from various local sponsors.

„The delivery room was inaugurated at European standards and as easy for mothers, to feel comfortable and in a more natural space when bringing to life. The project is part of an overall strategy of Rotary International, and I mean care for mother and child. We, at VARANA Rotary Focsani, found this problem during last year. Besides, the arrangement of the delivery room was the main theme of the charity ball last year. Credit completion of this delivery room is not entirely ours, but also the people in this town, who understood these need, and attended the charity ball. The old equipment was used both morally and physically and it clearly needed to be replaced. This area was repaired from the walls, floors and furniture. We helped with money raised at the charity ball, 400 million ROL and the rest we got from other people who were there with us. The equipment is from Romania and other countries”, declared Doctor Laurentiu Bodolan, former president of VARANA Rotary Club Focsani.

The delivery room is equipped with a consultations table, a birth table, a water sterilization device, air conditioner, stainless steel furniture and a vital functions monitor. The vital functions monitor was ever in a delivery room, but it is very important. It is a fact that giving birth is a psychological  process, but this device helps to intervene promptly in case of emergency. The device helps to monitor the mother`s vital signs and to intervene in a timely manner”, added Doctor Laurentiu Bodolan.

Doctor Nicolae Moise, County Hospital Focsani manager thanked VARANA Rotary Club Focsani for the investment. „I want to thank Rotary Club. This is the first action for sponsorship the Hospital. These people are my friends and colleagues, too. Last year I tried to convince them to help us, and so they did, by sponsoring the new delivery room. It is a modern delivery room, equipped with appliances and optimal conditions for mothers who give birth at County Hospital. I hope that this won`t be the last, and those from Rotary Club will help us with other actions in the hospital and maybe this example will be followed by others”, the manager Moise said.

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