Support for young people from Focșani Assistance and Support Center
Date: 12 Mar 2018
The young people protected in the Focşani Assistance and Support Center have benefited from the support offered by the VARANA Focșani Club, who has been with them in several actions meant to make their lives more beautiful. Thus, we can list: – Support given in organizing the trip suggestively titled “My Romania”, realized in August 2017, an occasion with which the young people visited several tourist objectives in the country; – Because health must always be on the forefront, another action by which the VARANA Rotary Club has shown its support was the organization of a series of dental consultations benefited by 23 young people from the Center in October 2017; – Also during the same period (October – December 2017), Rotary VARANA supported the creation of free dental radiographs for 10 young people from the Center and the complete treatment of the dental emergencies, each child benefiting from several treatment sessions; – On the occasion of the Winter Holidays, the young people from the Focșani Assistance and Support Center were waiting for “Santa with something good”, receiving gifts from the Club members; – In the inter-semester holiday of February 2018, the children and young people from the Center benefited from a trip organized by the Rotary Club VARANA at the Palace of Parliament, when they had the opportunity to visit the imposing institutions in the capital of the country. – “Mărțișorre cu mournas” is another activity carried out in the spring of 2018 supported by Rotary VARANA, where the children from the Center went on to create martites made of different materials, with unique shapes, each martite being worked with soul and dedication. Starting from a simple but extremely important rule, that of giving, the members of the Rotary Club VARANA Focșani will always try to be with these young souls, sharing their joy of hope.
Through the generosity and attention of people like you we continue to realize projects that change many things for the better and that could help people or causes that really need help or support.
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