Rotary VARANA supports the festival “Come to theater”
Date: 6 Jul 2014


ROTARY FOCSANI invited the people from town to the theater this month of July 2014! Why? Because it was the sponsor of the remarkable event “Come to theater”, a festival in which theatre is celebrated in the most unusual ways.

And how the essential precept in ROTARY Focsani 2014 was represented by the performance, benevolence, courage, this project is the first step through which VARANA Focșani wants to show that involvement has no criterion, only the relevance of the performance.

The festival is at its second edition, after, in 2013, was recorded a resounding success, people received with enthusiasm this initiative. Back then, goodness was the center of discussion, marking the young spirit of those who organize and put ideas in front of any criterion. In 2014 they have proposed to be chic, to be bold and to bring some movement, some action in the cultural life of Focșani.
The shows of the event surpassed even the symbolic barriers Municipal Theatre “Maior Gh. Pastia”, reaching at the Highschool “Unirea” and Wassermann restaurant, where the impressions will decant and where, eventually, everyone will discover that theater is really special, especially when is made with the passion of young talented performers.
Performances invited from Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Târgu-Mureş or Moldova, offers to the public from Focșani, from adults to youth, twice a night, a chance to spend free time otherwise.

Elena Stoica, president of the Rotary Club Focsani, mandat 2014-2015 says:

“When you say Rotary say diversity, say novelty , say event with outfit! Well, we, members of Rotary Focsani, we believe that the festival “Come to theater” deserve our attention, deserve support and involvement because it brings novelty to the fore, because it’s made with passion, in the most professional way possible, bringing together children, adolescent and adults in educational events to the theater and film, and in areas where art is the one that unites us in making education and cultural enrichment.
And because theater means interaction, in this festival, all the activities aims that: people to interact, to socialize directly, to know, to see, to perceive the theater and the film, and to realize the importance of theater and the arts in our lives! I WENT TO THE THEATER SINCE 9TH JUNE TO 14TH!”

Through the generosity and attention of people like you we continue to realize projects that change many things for the better and that could help people or causes that really need help or support.
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