“Friend of Benevolence”!
Date: 10 Feb 2015

ROTARY VARANA CLUB FOCSANI cherishes performance and offers the distinction “Friend of Benevolence” to the Romanian symbols! Friends who will support ROTARY PROJECTS!

The remarkable project initiated by Rotary VARANA Club FOCŞANI, led by the new president of 2014-2015, Elena Stoica, “FRIEND OF BENEVOLENCE” aims bringing together people who represent performance and they will become “FRIENDS OF BENEVOLENCE” and supporters of the club in Focsani.
Every friend of benevolence is a human figure, a symbol of excellence that can excite performance in others. This is because we, Rotary Club Focsani, consider that ‘performance is the key to evolution’.

‘Friend of Benevolence’ is not just a honorary certificate, a few pictures and a diploma! It represents a sustainable bond between Rotary Focsani and all the public figures that will support, by our side, single causes, direct campaigns and initiatives.

The first ‘Friend of Benevolence’ is Paul Surugiu- Fuego, who was one of the images of district 2241 in the world campaign- END POLIO, in eradicating poliomyelitis.
He is an honest artist, who proves that he can achieve great things, like us, through friendship and devotion. Paul Surugiu was present beside us at various events, and the main reason for which he becomes the first ‘Friend of Benevolence’ is that he embodies all that we want to show, promote and encourage: passion, talent, hard work, diligence.

Last week, during an exceptional cultural event, in the presence of Rotary Club members Elena Stoica and Carmen Ion, Dumitru Constantin Dulcan has finally accepted to become ‘Friend of Benevolence’ and honorary member of the club.
The distinguished doctor and professor, publicist and author of unique volumes in his speciality in Romania has always supported performance, evolution, and promised to be an unconditional friend of Rotary Club Focsani. Starting this autumn, as his first project, Constantin Dulcan will be one of the guests in a conference organized by Rotary Club Focsani, on a surprising topic of general interest which concerns young people.

A symbol of decency, equilibrium and excellence, historian and publicist Adrian Cioroianu becomes ‘Friend of Benevolence’ Rotary Focsani and member of honor, accepting the invitation to return to Focsani in the autumn when he will organize, in collaboration with Rotary Club Focsani, a significant cultural event- a book launch. Adrian Cioroianu is a role model who will share with others some of his experience and professionalism.

Teo Trandafir, the famous TV presenter, accepted with enthusiasm our club’s proposal and confessed that it is a great joy to be among those who support goodwill and performance. Teo Trandafir is the public figure who has defined humour and spontaneity, proving that all doctrines on any pattern are wrong. With professionalism, she edited an important stage in Romanian television and continues to be, with a spiritual attitude, a role model, a key figure in television.

Stefan Doniga accepted to become ‘Friend of Benevolence’ Rotary for his entire activity, for insuring performance in pursuing a career, and will be involved, from now on, in finding and shaping the defining symbols of Rotary Club. Stefan Doniga, who graduated the National Music University in Bucharest, is renowned for his talent, for his outstanding performances national and international stages, is also one of the promotors of Romania in the artistic field, with spectacular recitals in Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, Koreea, Luxembourg, and Romania, in all the corners of the world.

Horia Brenciu fondly accepted the invitation to participate at the charity ball organized in November 2014 ‘Light of Hearts’ and becoming ‘Friend of Benevolence ’Rotary. Horia Brenciu breathes vitality, being one of the most important and exuberant one- men showin the entire Romanian music scenario. Horia is a feast in himself, singing with passion and emotion.
For over 20 years, he became a symbol which accomplishes a unique performance- being in the centre of attention every time, whether he broadcasts, sings or dances. He made history in television and music harmoniously defined his career, being one of the few who can get people together in the show room for a guaranteed performance.

Dan Coma, provider of the Royal House of Romania, represents art in its purest form. Shoe designer, Dan Coma is a ‘Friend of Benevolence’ for his undeniable accomplishment to have maintained his position, for over 40 years, on a complicated market. A visionary artist, Dan Coma creates the most inspired patterns of footwear, leather accessories and handbags, with an international name.

Adrian Enache is the exhuberant artist who gave that drop of spontaneity and detached attitude to the Romanian music. He represents both the past and the present, an artist loved by all generations, like his good friend, Aurelian Temisan. The two of them have released memorable hits, and keep on doing it today, singing live together with exceptional bands. They both became, in the summer of 2014, ‘Friends of Benevolence’ Rotary.

Monica Davidescu, a charming actress of the National Theatre in Bucharest proves that determination can take you on the highest levels of success. Gifted with talent, she acts and lives on the stage, making remarkable performances with some of the greatest Romanian actors of all time: Beligan, Piersic, Moraru, Dinica, etc. Becoming a ‘Friend of Benevolence’ since autumn, she will support us in all the cultural campaigns we will develop. The same with Octavian Ursulescu. The renowned TV presenter confessed that Rotary mission suits his principles and that art and performance must be promoted no matter what happens.

Dan Negru, one of the presenters of ‘Light of Hearts’ charity event, confessed the same thing, the man who has been gifted with humour and turned his TV presenting profession into a key to success. He accepted our proposal, stating that Rotary must help and stimulate performance to acquire performance and change.

The famous comedians, Romica Tociu and Cornel Palade, as the beloved presenter of our national television channel, Iuliana Marciuc, also became ‘Friends of Benevolence’ Rotary.

Doina Levintza represents longevity, excellence in art, a monument of good taste, and is perhaps the most renowned figure in Romanian fashion. Provider of the Royal House of Romania, scenographer by profession, Doina Levintza created an empire of good taste and never hesitated to support the actions of Rotary Focsani. She has recently accepted the invitation to become a member of honour of the club and a ‘Friend of Benevolence’, becoming the last remarkable Romanian personality to enter our big family.

Through the generosity and attention of people like you we continue to realize projects that change many things for the better and that could help people or causes that really need help or support.
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