Camp RYLA “Rotary Youth Leadership Award” 2017 edition
Date: 17 Aug 2017

The first RYLA camp “Rotary Youth Leadership Award” organized by the Rotary Club VARANA Focșani on August 8-12, 2017 took place in the Putna – Gălăciuc Nature Reserve, with the theme “Emotional intelligence an essential aspect of leadership success!”

The program was carried out in four stages.
In the first stage, an inventory of the skills of the young people selected to participate in the camp took place, with the help of the personality assessment tool MTQ48 – Mental Toughness Questionnaire, as a starting point in building a personal development plan.

In the second stage, the participants received a report of the evaluation and guidance for increasing the capacity for concentration, motivation and emotional expressivity. The third stage included short and intensive training modules for the development of emotional intelligence and leadership competence: Self-image, Emotional self-awareness, Commitment and Motivation, Emotional expressivity and interpersonal relationship.
Other distinguishing elements of the program were “Final discussions and reflections”, the use of a “Personal journal”, “Relaxation and meditation technique Heartfulness”, essential techniques for developing self-awareness, increasing the capacity for attention, concentration and eliminating stress.

The program was facilitated by the trainer Gabriela Puskas – Vocational District Service Chair 2017-2018 and was held with the support of the organizers: Rodica Dinuță – Assistant Governor 2017-2018 and Marius Ulmeteanu – Interact Service Chair Rotary Club VARANA Focșani, who supported in the program a module of leadership.
The closing ceremony of the camp was attended by District 2241 Romania and the Republic of Moldova, Dragoș Predoiu – RYLA Committee Chair 2017-2018.

From the feedback of the participants:
“This experience has had a positive impact on me, I have learned new things about myself and the emotions I am experiencing.”
“A unique experience where I felt that my time was ‘spent’ in a beneficial and efficient way for my development.”
“It was a new experience, different from everything I’ve done so far, I really liked the fact that we discussed important things for ourselves, worked in teams, and listened to each other.”

Testimonials from participants:

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