Rotary VARANA sustains “Winner for tomorrow”
Date: 6 Aug 2014


There are characters of fairy tale that combines both categories and have success despite the story that was against performance. George Ostache is one such example. Through work, will and determination was able to face challenges and currently is Romania’s representative at a very important competition in the world.

That makes him a “WINNER FOR TOMORROW”. George Ostache, sportsman at Ulysses’s club in Focsani, conquered in 2014 in Iasi, two medals: One of gold at MEN PHYSIQUE – BODYBUILDING category, a newly created category, characterized by muscle elegance and presentation, competition in which attended in Mexico at the World Championship. Rotary VARANA Focsani was financially involved in every aspect that represent the performance of this young boy!

The second medal of silver at classic bodybuilding, becoming one of the most respected athletes. His coach, Professor Florin Ancuta says that, besides the physical qualities, the most important assets of George comes from education and his modesty, and from his warrior mentality. And that’s only at 22 years old.

Supporter of pure performance caused by hard work and power, Rotary VARANA Club Focșani was near George Ostache at one extremely important competition. Besides travel costs, George wore an equipment inscriptioned with ROTARY marks, in order to show that it is a winner, and that his performance is one to be shown, promoted.

Also ROTARY will sustain him in the future, George Ostache becoming part of the program which supports sports performance, demonstrating that memorable things are those at which all of us contribute, as part of the performance that puts Romania on another position. SUCCESS, George Ostache!

Through the generosity and attention of people like you we continue to realize projects that change many things for the better and that could help people or causes that really need help or support.
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