Rotary VARANA organized the “Parade of Hearts”
Date: 28 Sep 2014


On Sunday, September 28, at 4:00 pm, Focsani became one big heart. One that ran for a better health. So a lot of people from Focsani joined this event “The Parade of Hearts”. Over 3000 people participated at the cross with the name of a stroll, on a specially designed route, which became permanent.

Under the motto “Give your health a push. Show your heart what you can do!”, the event had the main purpose of encouraging people of all ages to do some work out for a healthy heart and an active life.

The event was organised for the first time in Focsani, after becoming a tradition in the big European capitals in the last few years, being rapidly taken in Romania. “Our city, Focsani, becomes a big heart today. I know of myself that I pull all my inner resources out through my heart. I love, live, do things from the heart. I’ve never given too much thought to the question: “ What am I doing with my heart? It offers me so much joy. How do I repay it? And then I realized that, actually, we need so little to make our heart move, vibrate with us and offer us the impulse we need to move forward because my heart means everything.

We started from with this idea. That we must show our heart what we’re capable of. Why? In what way? Well, for our heart to be healthy, we must work out! This means “The Parade of Hearts”!Working out is not a whim, nor a trend, but an attitude, a precaution against diseases that may occur unless we put our feet and the rest of our body to work, unless we start running, and simply walk”, was the message sent by Elena Stoica, the president of Rotary Club VARANA Focsani.

We tried, in a premiere, to bring movement onto the street. Starting with 4:00 pm, the spectators who gathered in PiataUnirii were able to watch differentsports offered by the sport clubs from Focsani, clubs that are supported by Rotary VARANA, in programs to sustain performance.

There have been lawn tennis demonstrations, boxing and judo lessons, bodybuilding, basketball, taekwondo, karate or gymnastics while volunteer- students did artistic face- painting on the tiny spectators’ faces. Red Cross volunteers gave first- aid lessons, participants were also able to check and control their blood pressure, in order to encourage a healthy and well-balanced life style in which sport in omnipresent. Also, there have been installed tents, in the plaza, for donating blood, in a transfusion centre.

After those 3000 steps on “The Parade of Hearts”, the local people that were present in PiataUnirii had the opportunity to be delighted with some special “movement” acts:kangoo jumps, zumba and super trampoline jumps, step aerobics representations, a classical dance performance ( tango, waltz etc) and a Latin dance one.

The event was possible due to the collaboration of various institutions, with Rotary VARANA Focsani as main organizer, helped by Focsani City Hall. Rotary Club supported the event with volunteers in the programme “Volunteers of the Future”, which focuses on stimulating and energizing volunteering activities.

Through the generosity and attention of people like you we continue to realize projects that change many things for the better and that could help people or causes that really need help or support.
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