Rotary VARANA with Choir “Cantabile”
Date: 26 Aug 2015


ROTARY FOCSANI has proposed in 2014 to be with young talent, in any manner, helping to form performance by those who are entitled, through talent and value, to do that.
This is the case of choral group “Cantabile” from Panciu, a successful group, founded ten years ago, part of the National Choral Association of Romania. From August 22 to 26, the group participated in the INTERNATIONAL CORAL MUSIC FESTIVAL-COMPETITION, held this year in Ohrid – Macedonia.

Led by the devoted professor, Andrei Igor Manovici from High School “IoanSlavici” from Panciu, the members of group were supported in this trip by the Rotary FOCSANI and Panciu City Hall, by the kindness of Mayor IulianNica.

The project which aimed CHOIR “Cantabile” is part of the vocational program “ART WITHOUT LIMITS – PERFORMANCE IN ART” at the section “PEOPLE TODAY, PEOPLE OF TOMORROW”. That’s because, for 10 years, the choir from Panciu makes that art does not know boundaries, to establish itself and become a value in art that they make with such dedication and passion.

The passion to make great things comes from the Rotary Club who not only funded the trip, but also contributed to the visual, to the way in which young people were present on the scene in Macedonia.

The outfits wearing by the artists from choir were made by ROTARY contribution, as volunteers. Materials, carefully selected, were donated by several garment factories in Vrancea area, and their execution was carried out by two retirement and some mothers who were glad to be able to be part of the story in which art and talent are the most important .
Also ROTARY offered to the children shirts with insignia ROTARY, to wear good luck to them, the flag of Romania, to make felt the wonderful presence of the space they represent with honour, and shirts with the name of the choir. All of this was achieved, as volunteering in the form of donations, by PROXIMA MODA and printed by MAGIC COLLOUR. Rotary Club thanks all for their promptness and their openness.

In Macedonia, the choir took two important awards for Romania. “Cantabile” has managed to add to his record The II nd Prize of “Ohrid Choir Festival 2014” and the Special Jury Prize for interpreting a song in Macedonian language.

Through these awards, the group demonstrated that their work in the ten years of existence is commendable, the value is not out of the question and that performance is an art form in its turn, when there are no limits and when it is helped.
And if Rotary VARANA Focsani has also helped by its financial support, by providing clothing and promotional materials, we can only be pleased that our vocational program gives eternity, values and models of tomorrow.
We present the letter sent by Professor Andrei Igor Manovici:

“This is the first time that the Chamber Choir “Cantabile” participated in an international competition of notoriety: Ohrid Choir Festival – 2014 August 21 to 25, Macedonia.
The joy of being appreciated and rewarded with two awards – The II nd Prize awarded by the jury of the competition and Foundation Award Tomislav Zografski for interpretation Macedonian composition Давај ме мила мамо – the composer Tomislav Zografski.
In the name of choir I thank the Rotary Club – Focsani and Mrs. Elena Stoica for consistent financial support directed towards everything that assumed this participation.
Thanks for outfits that have made us shine on stage and be beloved! ”

Also, in a sign of gratitude, the Mayor of Panciu town, Iulian Nica and Elena Stoica have received from members of Coral Group “Cantabile” a booklet with diplomas obtained at “Ohrid Choir Festival 2014”, and a photo album made in the competition.

Through the generosity and attention of people like you we continue to realize projects that change many things for the better and that could help people or causes that really need help or support.
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