A new house for Marioara!
Date: 18 Nov 2012

VARANA Rotary Club members have completed today the project called “Rotary Solidarity, Vrancea 2012”. This project is a response of solidarity from all Rotary Clubs in Romania in front of the harsh winter that the communities in our county had to face. The project had two stages of development: distributing food in villages Chiojdeni and Sihlea, donated by Rotary Clubs in Bacau, Onesti and Focsani, and the second stage was to raise money to support this areas devastated by winter, funds donated by Rotary Clubs Cetatuie and Samvs Sluj, Rotary Club Dej, Rotary Club Gherla, Rotary Club Continental Bucharest, Rotary Club Alexandria and Rotary Club Barlad.

Of the many people affected by the harsh winter, VARANA Rotary Club focused on a special social case, under which by these actions has restored ones faith in people. This social case gain a name for VARANA Rotary Club, Stefanica Marioara, who now can forget unpleasant moments of this winter, the snow, the fire, loneliness and now can think of hope for the future. In the past harsh winter, the woman lived in a room that didn`t even have the roof, after her house went through a terrible fire that killed her mother and in order to complete her sad fate, just one month after the tragic event, her father died of “bad heart”. The painful and sad story of the 42 years old woman from Sihlea impressed the Rotarian in Focsani who decided to help her have at least a house where she can live properly. VARANA Rotary Club has build Marioara a new house, which they furnished it and endowed it with a stove, so that the woman will not suffer from cold this winter. For Marioara Stefanica yesterday, when she received the new house, was like a second day of birth because practically is the day that restored her life.

VARANA Rotary Club Focsani it`s thankful for the support offered by other Rotary Clubs in the country and those who made it possible complete this minor project for the club, but invaluable for the winter victims.

Press for this project:

Ziarul de Vrancea, Monitorul de Vrancea, Ziarul de Iasi, Ziare pe net, Sansa vranceana, Realitatea

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