Chartering of Rotaract – Youth Rotarians Club from Vrancea
Date: 15 May 2015

Rotaract is a club born as a Rotary International program designed to involve youth in constructive activities in which they can learn something at every step, while helping the society to which they belong. Rotaract means “Rotary in Action”, a name that looked carefully and unbiased says everything that needs to be said: young energy in the idea of “Service Above Self”.

Rotaract’s chartering is the official registration of the Rotarians juniors in the circuit of the over 7000 clubs in over 165 countries. With this ampleness, Rotaract is one of the most significant and with a continuous development from Rotary programs. All Rotaract efforts are both local, but also districtual, with members addressing social and physical needs of the community they come from, promoting international understanding and peace in a context of friendship and service.

Rotaract VARANA Club Focsani was originally an idea that gathered around it a few followers. “Six or seven young have met a few months ago to do noble things, guided by the example of the seniors they had in the Rotay Varana Club in Focsani. Because good things do not go unnoticed, to those few hearty people were added others and their initiative gave birth to a project that Friday, May 15, officially became the Rotaract VARANA Focsani “, said Elena Stoica, president of Rotary VARANA Focsani.

The event was honored by the future governor of District 2241 Romania and Moldova Republic, Daniel Tanase, zonal assistant of governor, Vasilică Popa and the Rotary Char, Mr. Cornel Wilfred Călinoiu. The event began with an emotional moment by singing the national anthem of Romania, Republic of Moldova and the one of International Rotary.

The 17 young people aged between 18 and 30 forming Rotaract VARANA Focsani were presented successively in front of 50 guests, among whom were the members of their families and seniors from the Rotary VARANA Club Focsani. The neckless of President, signifying the official takeover of management for a year, was awarded to Bogdan Săcăleanu. “As the first president I intend to reinforce the group and make it sustainable. It is a common goal of mine and of my colleagues to become more so to have the strength to support future projects. We proposed a good relationship with other Rotaract clubs from the network to exchange ideas and even joint projects “, said Bogdan Săcăleanu, first president of Rotaract from Vrancea. The management team consists of President, Vice President in the person of Marius Ursu, Larisa Andonie, secretary and Ionut Dogaru, treasurer. The youngest member of Rotaract is Mihai Sandu, who recently reached the age of majority and which is student in XI class of the Pedagogical High school. “A courageous and determined young man,” as was described by the President of Rotary VARANA Focsani, Elena Stoica.

Hoping that these ambitious young people from VARANA Rotaract Focsani will realize more projects for our community, we wish them luck and to become in the shortest possible time “partners in service” and key members of the Rotary family!

Through the generosity and attention of people like you we continue to realize projects that change many things for the better and that could help people or causes that really need help or support.
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