INTERACT chartering – the club of the small Rotarians from Vrancea
Date: 9 Jun 2015

Children with initiative from Vrancea, has since 9 June 2015, a club through they can carry out their activities, through which they can discover skills of leader or organizers, where they can make new friends, they can be involved in humanitarian operations but most importantly, they can make a difference. This club is INTERACT, which arose under the supervision of seniors from the Rotary VARANA Club Focsani.

Interact Club aims to engage and help the community from Vrancea County and consists of children between 12 and 18, being led this year by Giulia Nazari, student of X grade from National College “Unirea” from Focsani .

The idea of organising a club of the small Rotarians came two years ago at the initiative of Marius Ulmeteanu, a member of the Rotary VARANA Club Focsani , who appreciated the initiatives of children eager to do good things and useful for our community members. Meanwhile, some of the children with whom the project started, reached the age of 18 years old and today are part of RotarAct, another Rotary VARANA Club Focsani that was registered less than a month.

The event was organized by the senior team from Rotary VARANA Focsani and was honored by guests from Rotary clubs in Braila, Vaslui and the presence of zonal assistant governor of District 2241 of Romania and Moldova Republic, Vasilică Popa.

At the festive moment of chartering the all members INTERACT had attended by the children’s parents proud of their open attitude, and Elena Stoica, the president of the Rotary VARANA Club Focsani said about INTERACT: “It is a club that will manage to gather children willing to do nice things, because it’s so nice to serve beyond you, your community that you belong.”

INTERACT consists of 25 children ambitious and entrepreneurs who have set ambitious targets, such as the support given to the talented children, promoting health, promoting culture, sport and society’s fundamental values, but also the improvement of the environmental quality. Currently, over 200,000 young people around the world are part of the big community of INTERACT clubs.

Through the generosity and attention of people like you we continue to realize projects that change many things for the better and that could help people or causes that really need help or support.
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