Rotary VARANA has modernized and equipped Blood Transfusion Center Vrancea
Date: 9 Mar 2015

Rotary VARANA Club Focsani donated to the Blood Transfusion Center’s Vrancea, three cooling refrigerators for minus 40 degrees to maintain the plasma, and a generator. The donation is worth 22,000 euros, the money being raised at the Charity Ball “The light of hearts'”, which took place last year on November 29th of 2014.

The project for the modernization and equipment of the Blood Transfusion Center’s Vrancea comes to an end. Rotary VARANA Club Focsani managed to modernize this institution with great impact in the health system. The budget for this project was 22,000 euros; Blood Transfusion unit received three freezers for storing the plasma and a modern generator. Today we are inaugurating a strategic project. We all know that we are in a seismic zone and disasters can happen anytime. We thought to donate freezers and a large generator, which has reserves to take any devices, which will help Blood Transfusion Centre for a safe activity. These freezers have increased storage capacity of plasma and thereby automatically we save lives. Was restored also all the electric circuit., said Rodica Dinuță, vice president of the Rotary VARANA Club Focsani, after the ritual of blessing held yesterday.

From people to people

Dr. Mioara Hanță, director of Blood Transfusion Center wanted to thank all those who were involved in the modernization of the institution she leads. It’s a huge step. We will save many lives with the plasma which if we didn’t have freezers we were forced to throw it away. I am pleased by the fact that through this advertising gathered a large number of donors. The relationship with this club will continue because we decided from the beginning to make also a group of donors, volunteers, and to come at our request when we need blood or a particular Rh., said dr. Mioara Hanță.

Rodica Dinuță said that in the next period they desire to create a database of blood donors, and modernize a delivery room in the County Hospital with the support of a Rotary Club from America. We do not stop here. Our aim is to help the renewal of the donor base through our colleagues who have companies with large staff. Let’s try to draw with the help of our fellow Rotarians as many donors for saving lives! The investment was 22 thousand euros. We plan, following the results obtained from the Charity Ball, another major project with the Americans. It seems that this project will be realized, we already have encouraging signs for us. We booked some money, because we have to contribute an amount. Those from Rotary District of Illinois oriented themselves to a new delivery room. Four years ago, we arranged a delivery room, and the Americans will modernize a new delivery room and will equip it properly. We collect offers that will go to America, where it will decide. We will transfer the money in America, and from there it will manage everything. It will be renovated a delivery room at County Hospital birth.,   added Rodica Dinuță.

This project of the Rotary VARANA Club completes the projects through which have been rehabilitated four wards of the Department of Pediatrics; was renovated and equipped a delivery room, all in the County Emergency Hospital “St. Pantelimon ” Focsani. All these approaches humanitarian, directed towards the needs of the health system in Vrancea, will increase the level of health of the community in our county.

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