Rotary VARANA Club has renovated two rooms from Pediatric Surgery Department of Emergency County Hospital Focsani
Date: 6 May 2014

Rotary VARANA Club Focsani has continued “Together we can change lives”, project initiated at the charity ball held in December 2013, and had renovated two rooms from the Department of Surgery and Orthopedics Pediatric Emergency County Hospital Focsani. The charity action has made modern conditions for children which will be hospitalized in this departament of the Emergency Hospital.

The official opening of the two new wards took place in the presence of Rotary Club’s members and medical’s staff of the hospital. In the two wards the carpentry was completely replaced , was mounted wallpaper and antibacterial carpets, the old beds were replaced with twelve modern beds with nightstands and support for infusions. Also, it have been completely renovated electrical installations, heating and sanitary. The investment cost was 75 thousand Ron, money from charity ball “Together we can change lives.”

County Hospital’s leadership thanked the Rotary for the investment made in the Department of Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedics: “Thank you for existing. Since I’m in this hospital, happened a lot, but with you was something special. You are doing good and beautiful things for patients and especially for children. Last year has been completed the project at the Pediatrics, with the 4 lounges and now this project with 2 lounges. In the other two rooms we have changed the beds with donations received from the Foundation in the Netherlands. Thank you very much for everything you have done for us and we hope that you will keep this wont “, said Constantin Mîndrilă, the manager of the County Hospital.

In the last two years, the Rotary VARANA Club Focsani has turned its attention several times to the smallest patients of Emergency County Hospital Focsani. So, it were rehabilitated four wards in the Department of Pediatrics and a delivery room.

Through the generosity and attention of people like you we continue to realize projects that change many things for the better and that could help people or causes that really need help or support.
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