The theater group “PROTHA” supported by ROTARY VARANA
Date: 7 Sep 2014


The theater group “PROTHA” from Panciu, that makes performance, manages to establish itself in the landscape of Romanian theater as a phenomenon of talent and determination that, with sure steps, becomes one of the most popular and sought independent theater clubs in the country. Proofs stand in their requests to participate, across the country, to numerous festivals. In 2013, the young were present with their performances made with professionalism and involvement, to12 festivals and a camp.

Thus, during 1-7.09.2014, “PROTHA” participated in the IV edition of International Theatre Festival for Youth “Grigore Vasiliu Birlic” from Fălticeni, with “Mechanics of the Heart” show, by Mathias Malzieu directed by Catalin Sfirloagă. This show was awarded with the Grand Prix by the jury of the festival.

The jury also awarded Cosmin Alexandru Dumitru with the prize for interpretation secondary part. Iris Tiron and Cristi Conache were nominated for the female lead role and secondary male role for interpretation. At the poetry section was awarded Cosmin Alexandru Dumitru with te First Prize and Tiron Iris with the Second Prize , and to the monologue section was awarded Cristi Conache with the Second Prize.

The “PROTHA” group was rewarded with the Grand Prix of the festival to the previous edition of the festival, participating at the festival since its first edition in 2010. Also, the youth had a spectacular and inspiring meeting,with a great Romanian actress, DRAGA OLTEANU MATEI.

ROTARY VARANA FOCȘANI support performance in art, and implicit the theater group “PROTHA”, a project that “ART HAS NO BOUNDARIES “. Thus, they become part of the vocational programme released by ROTARY. Also, ROTARY was alongside the band “PROTHA” from the beginning, thus showing that the club’s involvement in cultural projects is beneficial and can born performance. After all, it is also one of the main purposes: to discover the skills and encourage them to shine.

The band “PROTHA” is a phenomenon, and we, ROTARY, saw this from the beginning, which is why we supported them in an important phase of their evolution. It is important to timely discover the talent, to invest in it, to create “ART WITHOUT BOUNDARIES” and then enjoying increasing those whom you helped.
That made ROTARY. And the band’s performances make us fulfilled that we could build a step in the long and successful road of this exceptional group of theater, that we will support in the future.”, says Elena Stoica, president ROTARY FOCSANI, mandate 2014-2015.

Through the generosity and attention of people like you we continue to realize projects that change many things for the better and that could help people or causes that really need help or support.
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